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5 May 2015 | by Devina


A big welcome to the latest Les Roches society! Startup Mountain is a hub for student entrepreneurs at Les Roches. Co-founder Devina Singh, who is also taking the entrepreneurship specialization, shares her passion with us.

As I started my fourth semester at Les Roches, I felt like there was something missing. Over the course of my studies here, I have had countless opportunities to develop my management skills in various areas of importance. However, unlike other students here, as much as I respect the idea of striving to become the General Manager of a hotel, it is not what I am truly passionate about.

My passion lay in entrepreneurship. Being my own boss and having total control of my career is how I envisioned my future. However, even though LRB offers an entrepreneurship specialization in the last semester of school (BBA7), I am a very impatient individual and wanted to gain knowledge and experience in this field right here, right now.

So what did I do?

In a true entrepreneurial fashion, three other students and I founded the first entrepreneurship club here on campus, namely Startup Mountain.

where is the best place to study entrepreneurship? les roches student entrepreneur club startup mountain
The 4 founders of Startup Mountain

Hailing from entrepreneurial families, the four of us knew that there was no set formula to having a successful business, but rather the ability to leverage a a vast set of skills, knowledge, passion and vision. There is no academic institution in the world that hands this expertise over to their students on a silver platter. One has to invest one’s free time so as to acquire these skills. With this mutual understanding in mind, the four of us set off on this journey.

After releasing a launch video and hosting a cocktail night, we organized weekly meetings with a solid and likeminded niche group of students. From talking about, and drawing up business canvas models, to discussing the importance of staying relevant in an industry, we aimed to inform and launch meaningful discussions amongst the audience members.

After our mid-term holidays, we took the club to the largest European student-organized entrepreneurship summit. In addition to listening to astounding success stories from young entrepreneurs from almost every industry, this summit also proved to be a great networking platform for Startup Mountain members. The organizers of this event organized two night outs for all the participants: a bar crawl around the city, and a club night. This created more of a casual atmosphere that allowed us to interact easily with many of the keynote speakers. These speakers ranged from the ex-Chancellor of Austria, to the founder of a German sausage company in Tokyo.

Impressively enough, one of our club members was approached by investors for a share in his hospitality-related startup. Some other members were offered jobs at this summit. Needless to say, this trip inspired and motivated many of us to take the plunge and simply work on an idea that we feel very strongly about. We will definitely be looking into attending more events like this more in the near future.

where is the best place to study entrepreneurship? les roches student entrepreneur club startup mountain
Les Roches at the START Summit (St. Gallen University)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: devina.singh@lesroches.ch . Hope to see you at the next meeting!

Yours truly,

Devina Singh



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