les roches Swiss international hotel management school cultural night

The Cultural Night Choreographer

26 Nov 2015 | by Alaine Handa


les roches Swiss international hotel management school cultural night

Alaine Handa brings a bit of dance magic to the Cultural Night, one of the social highlights of the annual Les Roches calendar.

I had the honor and pleasure to participate in the Cultural Night performances this year for both 2015.1 and 2015.2. In my previous post, I talked about my career transition from professional dancer/choreographer to hospitality postgraduate student.

I have been able to satiate my desire to choreograph through teaching dance at Les Roches. The highlight of my dance students is performing for Cultural Night in order to showcase how much they have learned throughout the semester of dance classes.

There is always a theme for Cultural Night as well as additional weekly rehearsals that are run by the Events stream bachelor students who manage the event with the guidance of professor Mr. Franc Avila.

This semester’s theme was “Dawn of the Night” and I was excited to choreograph a scary dance inspired by the TV show “The Walking Dead” Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts.

Being involved in Cultural Night as a choreographer, I balanced out my life and schedule as a postgraduate student with rehearsals and my dance classes on the weekend. It was an outlet for me to continue inspiring others to learn and appreciate contemporary dance as well as remain creative. As an artist, I need this weekly ritual to release the stress I built up during the week from my academic classes.

I have the pleasure of meeting motivated and sweet students who were eager to learn and practice weekly. Cultural Night is definitely a highlight in the Les Roches semester. 500 guests attend and the rest of the student population is involved by performing, organizing, cooking, stewarding, or service. It is certainly an event that the Les Roches community awaits.

The camaraderie of team building is really apparent during Cultural Night. My group of dancers is no different. We started rehearsals as soon as my classes were up and running on Week 3, and increased intensity as the weeks went by. With my dancers, we shared sweat, laughter, bruises, make up, fake blood, food, and most importantly memories.

As a choreographer and dance teacher, I am very proud of the breakthroughs and improvements each of my small group of dancers have made this semester. The dance I choreographed for this semester’s “Dawn of the Night” cultural night was very scary and because of my vivid imagination and dreams, the very reason why horror films are unbearable for me.



Alaine Handa


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