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The benefits of studying abroad

18 Feb 2016 | by Madison Mussio


Studying abroad in a foreign country is a travel addict’s “dream come true”. There are new cultures, customs and food to explore everyday. You can meet many new friends with diverse cultural backgrounds. The best part, however, is you can spend an endless amount of time exploring while earning a diploma, degree or master’s degree. Every student abroad knows these benefits, but did you know there are other benefits besides social and travel benefits?

A recent study found that 97% of graduates who studied abroad found a job within 12 months of graduation; while the same study found that only 49% of graduates who did not study abroad found jobs in the same period [1]. Besides finding a job faster, graduates who study abroad earned 25% more than their non-aboard counterparts [1].

Not only does studying abroad increase your chances of finding a job at a higher starting pay, but also it may increase maturity and self-esteem. In a 50-year survey carried out by the Institute for the International Education of Students, the institution found that 97% of international students thought they were more mature after studies abroad than before. The same survey also found that 96% of international students said they had more self-esteem after studies abroad than before [2].

In summary, studying abroad has benefits from every aspect of our lives. There are social benefits, like making new international lifelong friends. There are work benefits, like increased pay and less time job hunting. There are travel benefits like explore a new country or town. However, most of all, working abroad improves students generally by making them more mature while increasing their self-esteem. In the words of a former international student from Austria named Jason Thornberg: “It have studied abroad for nearly 10 years, and there’s not being a single day that I haven’t felt the impact that it has had in my life”.

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