Les Roches Volleyball squad of 2016.1

The Battle of Campuses

31 May 2016 | by Guest Author


After winning the past two championships, the pressure was on. Eyes glaring, driven by envy, seemingly impossible expectations. Sore knees, arms screaming with fatigue. Deep breaths, deep breaths. Blood, sweat and tears. We gave it all we got at the final round, 15-8, we won. On this date, 17 April 2016, the Les Roches volleyball team once again emerged victorious from the Battle of Campuses, with a third consecutive title.

The Battle of Campuses consists of teams from Les Roches, Glion, EHL and local squads. The one-day event runs from early morning to early evening, with seven teams, 30 games, and the winner takes it all.

Having had the pleasure of being part of and coaching the Les Roches Volleyball team for a second time in a row, I must say that without every single player on or out of that court on that very day, we could not have brought back the title.

The team went into every game with much humility, knowing that every match could be their last. The team did not lose hope even when the going got tough. The players had an unbreakable bond, a bond that stood the test of time.

In the final game we were clearly inferior to a more experienced opponent, and lost the first set 18-25. But we took the chance when it presented itself; they say complacency is your worst enemy. The Les Roches volleyball squad stormed back on the court with confidence as if it was a new game. With every ball, we dug, we set, we spiked and showed the opponent that we were not done yet. And slowly but surely, from the score of 7-7, we pulled them apart to 21-12, and eventually took the game back into our hands.

Les Roches Volleyball squad of 2016.1

This comeback clearly devastated the other team, they were in disbelief. We had shattered their bond and their players began to blame each other. This was our cue and we won the game, as you already know. We destroyed them, commanding our way towards victory with determination and strength.

This was the Les Roches Volleyball team, and I am proud to have been part of it. This team will always be in everyone’s hearts, as one day we will remember all the effort and training we have put into this to defend our title. The stakes were high, but we rose to the challenge.

Congratulations Les Roches Volleyball squad of 2016.1!

Watch out teams, we will be back and we will not back down. 2016.2, here we come!

Karolina Kasperova
Team Captain
Les Roches Volleyball

Guest Author


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