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Taking On the Ski Slopes in a Onesie

16 May 2017 | by Les Roches


How would you like to race down a slalom piste wearing a funky onesie? With the wind in your ears, pushing your speed limits while you still hear spectators cheering you on to set the best possible time? Now that winter has officially come to an end, it is time to look back at one of our biggest snow sports events of the semester: “The Alpine Challenge Funky Fur”.

A Les Roches Winter Tradition

Each semester we organize this incredible event where spectators are entertained by DJs and activities throughout the day. The main part of the event, however, is to watch international students setting their best time on a big slalom, beating each other by mere milliseconds. After receiving the results of the big slalom, teams will be composed with three to five of the best students per international school. They will then challenge each other on a parallel slalom performed as a relay game. Throughout the day a great party is guaranteed in our private village and amazing street food is prepared by our Student Social Committee.

Ready to Race

Let me give you a little rundown of the event day.

Before the competition, we hand out starting numbers, ski passes and the last onesies which competitors and spectators can pre-order with us. All competitors are gathered for a competition debrief to explain the rules of the race before making our way up the mountain. Once on top of the world, it is time to enjoy the snow and get our legs warm for the race.

The weather was in our favor during this year’s edition and simply incredible. Even though the forecast did not look so good, we had sun all day long.

Once warmed up, it is time for the real deal. The group of competitors is divided in four categories: ski women, ski men, snowboard women and snowboard men. Just like a real competition, each competitor has to prepare before passing the gate, and a ski teacher will give them the starting signal. From that point you are all on your own, flying down the slope and making sure not to miss any gates until you pass the finish line to a round of applause. Each competitor is entitled to do two runs and your best run is used to determine your success. In the village we are constantly entertained with activities such as tug of war rope; the photo below gives you a good impression.

Les Roches Alpine Challenge Switzerland

Les Roches Alpine Challenge Switzerland

Overall, we can proudly say that this year’s edition was incredibly successful. There is no better way to experience the Les Roches way of life during the winter than by joining “The Alpine Challenge Funky Fur.”

See you next year!

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