Summer Travelling!

30 Jul 2013 | by Devina


My summer this year has been filled with lots of travelling! Shortly after exams were over, I spent a couple of days exploring Vancouver and saying my goodbyes to close friends.

My days were long in Chicago as I was interning at a restaurant, but I loved it nonetheless. I learned a lot about fusion Asian food as I was working closely with the executive chefs. I spent my evenings off with family and lots of good food. When it comes to food, Chicagoans know what they’re doing believe me.

Some friends and I at the surprise leaving party that they organized for me.

Singapore was next on the list for me. Its always fun to see old friends and family. Due to Indonesian forest fires, Singapore was extremely hazy this summer. In fact, I was out one night when I received a phone call from my mom telling me that the Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) readings had gone over and beyond what was considered hazardous. All this haze restricted the amount of outdoor activity I could do in my time there!

Visiting the Mediterranean has been on my bucket list since I watched Mamma Mia! This summer, I finally fulfilled that when I visited various places in Greece and Turkey. I must say, I had never eaten as many kebabs and gyros in my life, as I did on that trip!

Istanbul was my favourite city, and Mykonos was my favourite island. I hope I’ll be able to go back to both these places again at some point.

My brother and I in Mykonos, with our cruise ship in the back.

After a couple of weeks under the beating sun in Southern Europe, it was time for me to go to Chicago again. I did lots of shopping here; including buying business suits for Les Roches. I also spent some time in the city exploring restaurants and various popular tourist destinations.

My mom bought me a strawberry cheesecake! Yum!

I celebrated an early twenty-first birthday with family, which was a lot of fun. I started my evening at a rooftop lounge called Roof at theWit, followed by dinner at a Japanese restaurant. I pre-ordered all the dishes for my guests so that all the food would be on the table when we arrived there. I was clearly too eager about this dinner.

The only task I am now left with is packing without being a hoarder. This is not yet a skill I have successfully been able to acquire…

Looking forward to waking up to the view of the Swiss Alps soon enough!





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