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Spring’s blossoms bring more love to all

19 May 2016 | by Mikhail Merican


Firstly, I would like to apologize to those who follow my blog: It has been a while since my last entry due to the busy days in kitchen and academics. However, it is wonderful to be writing again and I hope this blog post finds all of you well.

Les Roches Gives Back

Many times we neglect those who are in desperate need of basic life necessities. We often turn the other way instead of looking at those who have been hit by complete devastation. This year, Ecuador was hit by a deadly earthquake causing close to 600 fatalities so far.The first thing that I would like to do in this post is to thank all the efforts from Les Roches and the students involved in collecting whatever they could for the aid of the victims in Ecuador.

I am so humbled to be part of a school that reacts to victims of natural disasters and lends a helping hand. From typhoon Hayan in the Philippines to the Paris attacks and now Ecuador, I have seen how the Les Roches family has come together with the spirit of love and care towards our fellow neighbors – truly a blessing.

Football’s victory

On another note, since my last entry in March plenty has happened on and off campus: Ski season has ended and the Les Roches men’s football team has been hard at work on the freshly mown pitch. It was indeed a privilege to be part of the team again and representing Les Roches is an honor. We had plenty of friendly matches but the most important game of all and the highlight of the semester was Les Roches vs. Glion. We emerged victorious and being part of the team during the second half was really a highlight for me as well. We couldn’t have done it without the support of all the students who came to cheer the best players on the field!

Les Roches football team

The semester’s most awaited event

For many years, Les Roches Cultural Night has been an important and meaningful event to all of us. Under the guidance of my wonderful roommate, my fellow brothers and sisters from Malaysia managed to bring the Malaysian flag into this semester’s cultural night after many years of trying. The whole experience was indeed an unforgettable one, especially when it came to food, traditional outfits and the crazy decorations team who painstakingly did everything in two nights. This paid off in the end as Malaysia came in 3rd place for best decorations, an unexpected win for us.

Les Roches Cultural Night
Walt Disney once said:

“When you’re curious, you find lots of interesting things to do”.

Loving the kitchen semester

Having done all my practical rotations, I can finally agree with most of the seniors about how special the kitchen semester is. My personal favorite was working in the banqueting kitchen with Chef Rudy and the pastry kitchen with Dominique Stoeckli (both already taught my father in 1988!), because of their experience and knowledge that I have come to absorb. The most important thing I can take back from the kitchen is that imagination should never be neglected in anything we do.

Les Roches kitchen course
Finally, saying congratulations and farewell to this semester’s graduates will be sad. I would lie if I said I won’t miss them because I truly will. Special thanks to Geoff for being a true example of a Les Roches alumnus. I wish all graduates a wonderful career ahead and may all your journeys be blessed. Don’t forget where you came from!

And to all those going home; safe travels, happy holidays and see you all next semester!

Mikhail Merican


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