Les Roches International School o Hotel Management Global degree students Shanghai

A semester in Shanghai, the best experience of my life

10 Mar 2015 | by Rod Vafaee


The Global Degree has caused a lot of ups and downs in my life. The ups are the amazing experiences I’ve gained and the downs are that these experiences end. But like always, all great things come to an end eventually.

As a Global class we all went to Shanghai in August, and in the extremely short 5 months we were there I can say Shanghai had almost become like my second home. The city, the people we met, everything made it an absolutely amazing experience.

We started off being complete foreigners in such a big city but as the days went by we became more and more local. We tried different local food, even though we weren’t sure of what we were actually eating at times.

Getting around became much easier for us as we also managed to pick up some Mandarin, which definitely helped when in Shanghai. Towards the end, everything became a breeze for us. We lived in China just like anyone else would in a very comfortable manner.

The lower prices compared to other countrLes Roches International School o Hotel Management Global degree students Shanghaiies allowed us to do many things we would not normally do. For example, going to hotel spas on the weekends where you could enjoy amazing views while swimming in infinity pools on the 40th floors of skyscrapers.

In the left picture  I am in the spa of The Four Seasons Shanghai alongside the amazing view.

The view was not the only great thing about being in such a big city; we have also met many people who have opened us doors to many opportunities and helped us gain a great experience that will be crucial for the growth of our skills for the future.
Les Roches International School o Hotel Management Global degree students Shanghai
A couple of classmates and I had the opportunity to be waiters at an executive Ferrari event in the Ferrari showroom in the center of Shanghai. An Italian restaurant with a 1-Michelin star chef catered this event and as hospitality students it was a great honor to be part of such a great team.

Here is a picture of my classmates and I at the event.

This may be something you would not expect to hear but the nightlife was the best I had experienced and this is comparing to different parts of the world. There were the best night clubs, the best bars, some of the best western DJ’s coming to Shanghai night clubs to play for the night and all off these at a very low cost compared to everywhere else I have been.

Les Roches International School o Hotel Management Global degree students ShanghaiYou are able to go out one night with less than 100 euros in your pocket and have a great dinner then move forward to a great club or bar and go back home happy.

Overall I believe the semester I have spent in Shanghai has been the best experience in my life as it has taught me a lot, whether it be life lessons or theoretical, it has helped me made lifetime friends and connections and, on top of all of this, I have managed to have a great time exploring a culture and a city that is completely different to mine.

After just spending 5 months over there I feel like Shanghai is almost like my second home and I will definitely go back one day. For now, I leave you with some photos of my time there.

My Les Roches Jin Jiang life in a few pictures – let the good times roll!

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Rod Vafaee


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