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16 Sep 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


The time is flying as we are getting further on with our classes and busier with assignments. Many of us here at Les Roches look forward to the midterm break but can’t believe how fast time is passing by.

We are having a great time though, recently  some classes have been a bit more demanding because of the latest tests but that is the way it is, you have to be tested, both to see how well you do in a particular signature through a written exam and also to test your practical performance.

The Library

After a normal day of school some areas inside the main building are great for studying too. Places like the library for more individual study and a quieter environment are open until  8pm at night and even during the weekends until 5pm, here you can always rent some movies for free and there is a great variety of books as well.

Some other areas in the main building are usually meeting points for after school activities, and students usually get together here to discuss school projects or studying in groups.

The Lobby

Some of the other facilities are the restaurants here at the school where we get great food during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal is also a good way of learning and seeing the real environment of a restaurant because it is students from Les Roches who are on practical duty who serve and cook.

Restaurant à la Carte

The school has 4 types of restaurants for the students to eat and where students practice, we can eat at the A la Carte restaurant, which is very similar to a fine-dining restaurant offering very good food and having the type of service that is usually provided by this kind of restaurant and we can also see how the other students perform.

As PGD students, my classmates and I also need to learn this type of cuisine and service.  Here is a recent picture of my classmates and I as we attended the A la Carte Restaurant of the school.  We really enjoyed the food, and our waitress from HO1 was really great.


Restaurant à la Carte

We have other options like eating at the Market Place restaurant, which is a buffet type and most of the students eat there as well. We also have the Sandwich restaurant at PFA, there you can get great sandwiches and fruit and salads; this one offers a self-service style of snack bar and it has some chairs to sit outside which is very nice during the sunny days.

Restaurant the Market Place

And last, you can also get great food at CDV, Café du Village, where they offer different types of menus and it is similar to a restaurant as well.

In each one of these (depending on your program), you have the opportunity to perform in the service area or cook in the kitchen. In this way, all of the students are also involved and surrounded by this kind of environment which is very helpful.

By the time you go on internships or start real jobs you have this type of previous experience which definitely builds character to face similar situations in real businesses.

Pamela Calvas


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