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Review of iPhone 6?

1 Dec 2014 | by Les Roches



They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. Well, there is such a thing as a free iPhone 6, or at least the chance of one, if you enter Les Roches Xmas Quiz.

We love doing quizzes (you’ve picked up on that, right?) and we love giving fabulous gifts away that are somehow connected to our industry.

So, with our last competition, we gave away a US$500 voucher for Mr and Mrs Smith boutique hotels. This time it’s an iPhone 6. ‘What’s that to do with Les Roches?’ you may ask. Well, good question. Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Apple has a great relationship with Les Roches.  Apple is one of the non-traditional hospitality companies which recruits regularly from our student base.  They come to us because they recognize that the type of skills our students graduate with are exactly the type of customer-oriented skills which they need.

The process of learning together with people of different cultures, nationalities and languages means that our graduates have a cultural fluency which is very valuable in their business. The process of learning the practical elements to hospitality is the most effective way to develop leadership and communication skills which mean that Apple – when it recruits know – knows it’s getting an employee who can hit the ground running.

Apple iPhone 6Is that a good enough reason to offer the iPhone 6 as a prize?

Maybe the phone in itself is good enough. We love it, particularly the slo-mo function and the ludicrous number of pixels in an image.

So, if you fancy your chances at winning, join in!

There might be  quite a few participants, but the more friends and family you invite to take part, the more chances you have at being selected at random for the prize.

Good luck!

Les Roches


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