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3 Dec 2014 | by Les Roches


Just a few questions to our nurses, to give you a glimpse into their daily lives.

  • What are the key words that define the skills need by the nursing team in an international environment such as Les Roches?
    •    Flexibility
    •    Discretion
    •    Open Mindedness
    •    Understanding
    •    Patience
    •    Adaptability

…To summarize to have good bedside manner.

  • Have you any funny anecdotes that you can share with us?

Yes we have two which are funny but show the difference in cultures and the understanding needed when treating students from all over the world.

A student came into the infirmary jumping up and down and very anxious.  Naturally we asked immediately was wrong with him.  He said “I swallowed a chewing gum and my friends said it would glue my intestines together!” “Please please you have to help me I have tried everything and I can’t get it out!”

  • Oh wow! And what did you reply?!

We told him not to worry as maybe his friend had been playing a joke on him. That he wasn’t in any danger and that it was just a question of letting “nature taking its course”.

Another time a student visited the infirmary to have a wound treated and dressed. We started the treatment cleaning the cut and disinfecting it with spray. At which point the student started to look confused and rather worried. Sensing that he was uncomfortable we asked him what was wrong.

He said “my friend uses the same spray to clean his laptop!” “Are you sure it can be used on humans?” To which we replied “well then your friend’s laptop must be very clean and bacteria free as this is a medical disinfectant spray”.

  • Since starting with Les Roches what changes have you seen/introduced to manage an ever-increasing multi-cultural community?

A concern we hear from many parents and students before arriving at Les Roches for the first time is good access to medical services due to the fact that the school is situated in the mountains. In fact, we have an excellent rapport with a wide network of doctors and specialists in the region from general practitioners to psychiatrists.

And in response to a recognised need, the nursing team has organised for a doctor as well as a dermatologist to visit the campus once a week so the students have the requested medical services brought to their door.

Furthermore an alliance has been established with a local pharmacy so that prescriptions can be delivered directly on campus, should a student wish so.  Les Roches is also in partnership with a medical insurance company that offers a worldwide coverage for students during their studies and internships, which provides them with a complete protection for all their health requirements.

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