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11 Mar 2019 | by editor


Career Day is one of the genuine highlights of the academic calendar at Les Roches. This bi-annual event – the next is on 14 March – welcomes some 70 international companies to the Bluche campus.

These businesses, whether in hospitality, travel, retail, luxury, or related services such finance, all have one aim: talent-spotting future employees.

Pacific Hospitality Group, headquartered in Irvine, California, is a typical example of the Career Day visitors.

“I recruit all over the world – in fact if you name a country I’ve probably recruited from there,” says Ingrid Middleton-Mahar, who is Pacific Hospitality’s Corporate Director of Recruitment. “I’ve been coming to Les Roches for several years and I absolutely adore the students. Over the years I’ve probably recruited around a dozen students from the school.”

It’s all in the attitude

What makes Les Roches students such appealing prospective employees? For Ingrid it comes down to attitude. “They come to me well-prepared. They’re ready to roll up their sleeves and they understand that they need a foundation in hospitality basics. And they really have a sense of humility. They don’t come out looking to be a manager – they understand it’s a journey to become a manager and leader of people.

“I really respect that. I think the faculty and staff do an excellent job in preparing the kids to come out and into the workforce.”

They’re ready to work, to take on the world. And they’re positive. They’re polished. They have impeccable skills. And they just stand out among the crowd.

Recruitment with a luxury flavor

Pasea-Hotel-Spa-Ingrid’s most recent visit to Career Day was focused on the needs of the group’s two luxury properties in California: Estancia La Jolla, which is a hotel and resort with a full service spa located in San Diego, and Paséa Hotel and Spa, which is located in Huntington Beach.

“Right now we’re recruiting for the rooms/operations side, as well as F&B/front of house,” she explains. “Both of those are going to be operationally driven, with increasing levels of responsibility. And the hope is that we find students who are interested in having guest interactions; working with their colleagues, directing and training. But also spending time with their managers and really diving into the business acumen competencies.”    

For more information about Les Roches Career Days, contact Stephanie Ruiz de Jongh, Career Events Project Leader, at career.events@lesroches.edu



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