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31 May 2019 | by Les Roches


Today – May 31, 2019 – Hilton celebrates a very special milestone: its 100th birthday. The past century has been quite a trip for one of the world’s most recognizable hospitality names.

With 14 hotel brands now operating in more than 106 countries throughout the world, Hilton has an exceptionally strong appetite for new talent. And this is only going to intensify as the company rolls out an ambitious expansion program that means every fifth hotel room currently under construction will carry a Hilton family logo.

One of the people charged with filling the company’s talent pipeline is Bjorn Olthof, Senior Manager Graduate Recruitment, EMEA.

“We come to Les Roches to recruit students for our graduate fast-track schemes, not just in my EMEA region but also to support our colleagues in Asia Pacific and the Americas,” he explains.

“That said, we’re very aware that not everybody wants to get onto a fast-track program; so we also offer direct entry roles alongside corporate and hotel-based internships.”


Celebrating the ‘Hilton Effect’

As part of its 100th birthday celebrations, Hilton is taking a walk back through its history.

Bjorn says, “This is what we’re calling the ‘Hilton Effect’ – it’s about how we as a company have made an impact on our communities, through our team members, our guests, and our suppliers over the past 100 years. We’re also highlighting all the innovations and technologies that we’ve brought about.”

Having spoken with a large number of Les Roches students during his visit to the Bluche campus, Bjorn had some words of advice to share with all hospitality students looking to make a splash in the industry.

“Get yourself on LinkedIn, reach out, also follow our leaders on Instagram. But it’s not just about social media – get yourself out into the world, connect with people, speak to them and get to know them. Ask them questions about what is good, bad and ugly about what you want to do.

“This will give you the real answers on which you can base your career choices.”

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