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Why I recruit Les Roches students – Soho House’s Sophie Carrick

21 Jun 2018 | by Les Roches


Our Career and Recruitment Days, which take place twice a year, are a great opportunity for our students to network with leading professionals. At our most recent event, 160 recruiters from 72 top companies came to visit. One of them was Soho House, a private members’ club with restaurants, cinemas, workspaces and more across Europe and North America. Sophie Carrick, Assistant People and Development Manager, spoke to us at the event on why they hire our students.

Soho House – a background

Soho House began in the London area of the same name. Since then, it has built a portfolio of private members’ clubs that cater for those in the creative industries. However, there is much more to the company than just that. “We also have various boutique hotels concepts and a very large hotel called The Ned,” Sophie said. “There are also spas, home furnishings and public restaurants.”

 We don’t always want the standard answer or the standard resolution. If someone has an idea, we’ll run with it and try it out – why not?

Founded in 1995, Soho House has continued to grow. It now has luxurious properties in some of the world’s most amazing locations, including Barcelona, Mayfair, Malibu and Hollywood.

The Les Roches difference

Soho House are regular visitors to the Les Roches campus. “We’ve been attending Career Days for six or seven years now,” Sophie said. “We’ve had great success hiring Les Roches students in the past.” What is it about our students that Sophie and the organisation are drawn to? “They are committed to hospitality, they’re very professional, they’re creative and they offer something different,” she said.

This “difference” is something that Soho House particularly likes about our students. “We are a creative company,” she explained. “We don’t always want the standard answer or the standard resolution. If someone has an idea, we’ll run with it and try it out – why not? That’s what happens with many of our Les Roches candidates.”

Making it happen

Our students’ commitment and passion for the industry is what endears them to Soho House. “They obviously know that this is the industry they want to stay in, which I think is key,” Sophie said. “So many people use it as a stopgap as opposed to using it to build a career. This industry can really offer a lot.”

Has Sophie got any advice for our students? “Make it happen,” she said. “It’s a value that I still follow to this day. There’s always a yes, never a no.”

Our Career and Recruitment Days are a great chance for students to learn from industry leaders, network with professionals and secure employment. The next Career and Recruitment Day takes place on Thursday 25 October.

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