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9 Apr 2019 | by editor


With a guest experience tailored to the millennial traveller, B Signature Hotels & Resorts offers a contemporary collection of French properties, each with a unique and distinctive personality. But in an evolving marketplace with increasingly diverse competition, how does the brand stay fresh and relevant to a global audience?

Like any business, a hotel is the sum of its people, and Caroline Fontaine, HR Manager and People Development Specialist at B Signature, is very selective about where she finds her talent. When you’re recruiting for a prestigious brand like B Signature, you have to be.

The B Signature Hotels & Resorts Group is a French group, with a collection of seven hotels in France, including five in Paris, one in Missillac, between La Baule and Nantes, Relais & Châteaux, with a golf course and then we have the last resort acquired by the collection in St Barths, the Hotel Manapany.”

Like the guests they serve, each property in the collection is unique, from the interior design and architecture, to the cuisine and culture. “The B signature hotels have their own identity, personality and decoration.”

Bringing a multicultural mindset

In a global industry that serves every nationality, the ability to be culturally intelligent and bring international thinking is an asset Caroline values highly. Les Roches students are very valuable for our hotels, in particular for their international diversity but as well as for their interpersonal skills and expertise that is taught in the school in terms of hospitality management.”

In addition to the expertise, global view and multicultural exposure, B Signature place a high importance on soft skills – Les Roches is one of only a few hospitality schools to nurture these skills in students. “The CEO, Anne Jousse, wants to offer a 5-star service level within a chic and relaxed environment. These are also the values we advocate towards our employees, as we want our colleagues to welcome clients with a family mindset.”

Excelling across departments

The on-campus Career Day is an opportunity for recruiters to meet, connect and interview students for both internships and employed positions after graduation day. The diverse skillset that Les Roches students possess, allows employers to acquire talent that can have a positive impact right across the business.

“We have the capacity to welcome numerous students on internships across departments, and also the possibility to open the scope of the internship according to the skills and personality of the student. We are looking for candidates that are very operational, students who want to understand the field before moving on to managerial roles.”

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