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17 Jul 2019 | by Les Roches


In the world of high finance, information is king. And one of the most important financial data and media companies – with some 20,000 employees worldwide – is Bloomberg.

The company boasts 325,000 worldwide subscriptions; and the team that represents the public face of Bloomberg to these subscribers is Bloomberg Customer Support.

“We provide client support 24 hours a day,” explains Bruno Bassani, Team Leader. “Why is it so important to have the right people in this role? Because we are the face of the company and first impressions can make or break us.

Bruno was visiting Les Roches on one of his regular recruiting missions. As a company, Bloomberg has been hiring Les Roches students since 2014, with the school providing the majority of students drawn from hospitality education during that time.

Students who come from hospitality schools have a client-facing mentality. This concept of going the extra mile for the customer is second-nature to them, and this is so valuable for us,

“After starting in Customer Support, they get to understand the customers and the main platforms we operate. Then they are ready to go and specialize into specific areas of financial knowledge, assisting clients more in the financial aspects of the functionality of our systems.” 

What is Bruno’s advice to prospective candidates? “Try to set yourself apart from the other candidates. Look for extra-curricular activities, where you can demonstrate leadership skills, empathy and the ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

“I think being able to relate to people from different cultures is important too. Anything you can do which is transferable to the real work environment can add genuine value when you leave university and come into the workplace.”


Discover Bruno Bassani’s full interview

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