Quora, Your New Personal Branding Friend

26 Oct 2017 | by Les Roches


When it comes to personal branding, we have all heard of using social media, as well as our own personal website. But now there is one more place to add to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram…
Quora is a platform where users ask questions, and others answer them. Simple enough, right?

With Quora, you answer questions from your field of expertise, which not only promotes you as an expert in your selected field, but also drives traffic to your website and other accounts in your biography.

The little platform has recently enjoyed a record number of users, and has featured on the first page of search results in Google and Bing; by using Quora, you may get that SEO magic to your website!

Success on Quora

I have been on the platform for just over a year, and before they changed the system I was a top expert in six hospitality and tourism topics.

With this success, my website saw an increase in traffic, my articles got more shares and a lot of people from around the world saw my name as an expert in the field!

This success could also come to you if you use Quora the right way.

Quora Used Right

Try not to use Quora for just branding yourself – the people behind the platform are dedicated to their website and niches. Many users won’t hesitate in reporting hum-bragging and careless link promoting. This allows the website to be more user-friendly for everyone, even the ones who just want answers.

Shameless self-promotion could result in you being blocked, so keep this in mind when you write your answers.

Show your expertise

In conclusion, Quora is your new personal branding friend. Use it and take advantage of its benefits. Try to spend some time on it and explore its branding properties before you start writing. Look at the different topics you are an expert in and see if some are of interest to you.

As I say on Quora, good luck!

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