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6 Dec 2012 | by Susana


Yes, it is true!! So true that when we are looking for a job, we should always consider the information in all our Social Media Profiles!!

According to Jobvite 95% of recruiters use “Linkedin” to find new talent.

The survey done by Jobvite is a great job and if you feel like reading about it check this link: “Jovite 2011” ,you will be able to see more charts and infographics about recruitment.

But let me continue by saying that we should start thinking that recruiting has 2 important functions: Sourcing & Screening

In some organizations these 2 activities are done by the same people. In larger companies, these are separated out. The sourcing recruiter, or researcher, performs advanced searches on Google, LinkedIn and other resume depositories, in order to build a list. Next, the screening recruiter takes the best of that list through a procedure, usually starting with a phone call to determine interest. In many cases, if you simply show up online in all the right places with all the right content, you will be found.

The old way of thinking about finding a job was actually quite simple. Wait for a job opening, then submit a resume……. These days, organizations are looking for candidates long before jobs open up.

1. Talent Communities as a Corporate Recruiting & Social Media Tool

In fact, many organizations are starting “talent communities” which is a database of candidates who’ve shown interest in their company, but are not attached to a specific job yet. In talent communities, organizations have a chance to start building a relationship with you. And you are given an opportunity to disclose more about who you are and what you’re interested in. Then when jobs do open up, they simply look at their talent community and send emails out to their top prospects. Jobs don’t need to be posted on job boards anymore. So if you are sitting around waiting for openings, you’re missing the boat.

Talent communities are starting to be built through social media channels as well. Very often you can join a talent community by linking a Facebook or LinkedIn account. Candidates who talk to them the most over these channels tend to have first opportunity to apply to actual jobs.

So if you are sitting around waiting for job openings, you are probably missing 80% of the real opportunities out there. Instead of trolling job boards, start building relationships with your target organizations online.

2. Online Job Search Strategy Starts with All Social Media Channels

While social media is part of the corporate background check, coupled with internet sourcing and social media talent communities, job seekers can begin building an online presence by going beyond LinkedIn and building a professional profile on social media.
Sites like Google+ are good for demonstrating areas of expertise by publishing content and thought leadership on online communities, industry blogs, and more traditional news outlets. The key is to start small because building an online job search strategy takes time, fortitude and patience. After all, it’s a marathon not a race to the job search finish line.

( Source “Blogging4jobs” )

3. Pocket Recruiting Twitter Guide:

In the social media recruitment and recruiting industry, you never stop learning. That is why it is very important to keep on searching, because when you think you know something you realize you do not know anything at all….

I hope you like my post and if you want some more info check the above links, and if you have time check Joshua Waldman (@joshuawaldman) he is a career advancement specialist helping people to find their great careers.




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