New tech amenities for brave hotels – INFOGRAPHIC

9 Oct 2015 | by Susana


Hello Les Rochians,

Just think (or rather imagine) you are going to stay at a hotel in Hong Kong (a wonderful place) and you get the opportunity to design your room before you proceed with check in. It sounds strange but it is possible. Or imagine you are sleeping and the housekeeper receives a “Do not Disturb room 1006” message just because the room has body heat sensors connected to the housekeeping staff that tell her you are still asleep.

And forget the minibar or wall hair dryers! 🙂

The world changes very fast and we, the hoteliers, need to understand the technology, gadgets, “tech butler” and our customer’s needs as they evolve. If not, we will never offer services as Hotel 1000 in Seattle, Alma Barcelona, Halkin by Como in London, Nine Zero Hotel in Boston, Ritz Carlon Battery Park in New York, etc.…

I would like to share with you my last infographic – feel free to comment!

New Tech Amenities for Brave Hotels 2015



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