Moncler CMO talks luxury innovation and digitization, and shares his top 5 career tips

19 Sep 2019 | by Les Roches


In a recent interview for the Les Roches blog, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Moncler Group, Roberto Eggs, shared the innovation at the heart of the Italian fashion brand. He also explained why a hospitality education is tailor-made for the luxury industry and revealed his top 5 tips for a successful career.

As well as being founded just two years apart, Les Roches and Moncler also share an ethos – the pursuit of excellence through innovation, as Roberto explains. “Moncler has always been on the forefront of innovation. A lot of the innovation, initially, was on the product side. Now it’s an innovation at 360 degrees. In the way we communicate. In the way we bring excitement to our consumers; and in the way we develop our people”, he commented.


Taking advantage of technology

The digitalization of day-to-day business is accelerating, right across all areas of an operation. From stock management to customer relationships, the rapid development of technology offers rewards for switched-on organizations.

“I think digitalization is an issue, but at the same time a fantastic challenge, to keep the very high level of energy that we have in this company. And also integrating digitalization in the way we are approaching all the different touch points of the end consumers”, Roberto said.

“I think the big disruption for this industry came three to five years ago with the launch of social media. This changed the rules of the game. Today the new customer wants to have a dialogue with the brand. He wants to be involved, and you need to develop this content to bring much more innovation.”


“…the first digitally native project we have”

“What we did last year, which started at Milan Fashion Week, was we launched a new project called Moncler Genius.  It’s a communication project that’s the first digitally native project we have, bringing new collections every month, with a different designer on the shop floor. But leveraged also for social media communication and billboard advertising.”


A hospitality education for a luxury career

The parallels between hospitality and luxury are stronger than ever, with luxury brands increasingly hiring hospitality talent to bring customer experience and innovation skillsets.

Hospitality is something that we need in the luxury industry, because we put the client at the center of everything we do”, Roberto said. “People that have these different approaches in terms of clientele, that are coming from the hospitality school, can really bring something different in the way we build relationships with our consumers.”

“We are working with the Les Roches students to develop what we call the ‘Store of the Future’, integrating digital through innovation, energy and an omnichannel approach to create the store of the next 10 years.”


5 tips for a successful career – from the CMO and COO of Moncler

Like all leaders, Roberto understands the value of continual learning and helping others to unleash their potential. He shared his top 5 tips for a successful career, starting with one that may surprise you:

1. “It’s not about having a well-planned career. I think all the steps I did in my career have been following my instinct. I’ve been working for brands that have passion, energy; that are innovative. This is what has been driving me.”

2. “I think you need to find in yourself what are the things that are really motivating you – and then follow them.”

3. “Take some risks, especially at the beginning of your career.”

4. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. I think that employers don’t expect students that are joining companies to have all the answers. But what we are expecting is that they raise the right points and they learn.”

5. “This career tip is the one I always follow myself: You need to follow your heart.”


Thank you to Roberto for taking us inside the luxury fashion brand Moncler, and sharing his advice for a successful career. Get more insight from leaders of luxury brands:

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