Midterm break, special weeks, workshops and activities…

15 Oct 2010 | by Pamela Calvas


In the middle of the semester we have our midterm break, 1 week off which most of us have used to relax, do some traveling or go back home to visit family and friends.

Many of my classmates and friends have taken advantage of this time to discover and explore some new areas in Europe.

As I have mentioned before in older posts, living in Switzerland gives you easy access to most of the cities in Central Europe that can easily be reached by train.  There are a variety of convenient flights available to reach other cities further away in a matter of just a couple of hours.

I went to northern Italy with my family, there we visited Venice and Milan and stayed most of the time by the Garda Lake which was beautiful.


For the prospective students who read this post and want to get more information about traveling within and outside Switzerland it’s good to check the national train system website: www.sbb.ch which I highly recommend to become a member of.

Besides the regular academic schedules and the practical activities that the students need to perform, there are Special weeks in which the students have different schedules and have a chance to attend workshops and execute other tasks. My class had a chance to experience serving in a banqueting style setting and also attending a workshop on the same day.

Here I have got a video of us during a very interesting and fun workshop of Molecular food that is a new concept that many of us had never experienced before. In this video, our professor Chef in the “A la Carte Restaurant”, is giving a demonstration of Molecular desserts using compressed nitrogen to freeze or lower the temperature of these ingredients. As for the best part of molecular cuisine, check out how all of us are eager to taste this!

I hope everyone had a great midterm break! And by the way welcome to the new October batch for HO1s 🙂

Pamela Calvas


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