Mid Term in Marrakesh

22 Oct 2012 | by Whitney


I have said it before and I will definitely say it again: Switzerland is one of the easiest places to travel abroad from to travel around. This past midterm two friends and I went to Marrakesh, Morocco for our 1 week midterm.

There can be only one word to describe the trip… AWESOME!

Having a passion for travel is something that goes a long way in hospitality as meeting new people and experiencing new cultures teaches you so much. The Moroccan culture was new to me and I had very few expectations when boarding the plane at 6am. I purposely did not research anything as I wanted the big surprise!

I was not disappointed. Marrakesh is a bustling and vibrant city. My friends and I stayed at a private home, called a Riad, within the Medina which is a walled part of the original city.

The Walls of the Medina
Riad Turkwa

The Medina is also home to the souks or markets where both tourists and locals shop and carry out their business. We were called by many a shop keeper to “look in” and told “for you, gazelle, it’s free”.

Lost in the Souk ?

Of course with three girls there was lots of shopping…

And eating…

Mostly, I ate olives!

We also had relaxing massages and spent an afternoon in the very colourful gardens of Yves St. Laurent, who spent his retirement in Marrakesh.

Les Jardins Majorelle donated by Yves St. Laurent

And besides from being tourists and visiting different places, we spent a lovely week of sleep and relaxation which was greatly needed. We’re back in Bluche and ready for the next few weeks of the semester which will be busier than ever!




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