PGDip Event: Memories on Broadway

27 May 2011 | by Whitney


Each semester, the Post Graduate Diploma II class puts on an event. This event is an integrated project and counts as 40% of each of their 5 subjects: Planning and Development, Marketing, Events Management, Yield and Revenue and Performance Management.

This year, the 60 students were divided into teams and each team came up with an event proposal along the theme of “Memorable Moments”. The teachers then came together and decided which event was the most feasible and the winning group became the management team overseeing every detail of the function with the help of their classmates. “Memorable Moments from Broadway” was the winning team. The event included a four course dinner with an aperitif and wine and excellent decorations, service and entertainment. Of course the PGDip students took care of all the elements from the cooking, to the serving, to the dancing, to the cleaning up.

To include the rest of the student body, they asked for participants in their entertainment group and I was able to dance to some of the classic tunes from Broadway. We were also joined by Ayeshah , an HOIII student, who sang and performed the most beautiful version of “One Night Only” from Dreamgirls and the funny duet of Nina and Ayush, who were the announcers. It was a wonderful event with about 125 guests which ended on a high with everyone dancing up a storm on our makeshift dance floor in Market Place.

Watch the video to get the feel of the event!

Pictures: from Pothen Cherian and various students



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