Mediterranean Rhythms: First Impressions of Malta

3 Oct 2016 | by Marco Pellegrini


After a lovely adventure at the top of the Swiss Alps, I was looking for a sunnier and warmer location, and luckily, I found it pretty fast. So far, I am five months into twelve of my Maltese adventure with Kempinski, and I am really enjoying Gozo and Malta.

Here life flows in a completely different way; every part of the day is marked by the slow rhythm of time. The crystalline sea and the beaches are the places to relax after an intense day at work.


Speaking of Gozo, where I am located now, this little island has more than meets the eye, from the area used as a set in Games of Thrones to the characteristic medieval Citadel in the center of the main city, Victoria. Meanwhile, the two little villages of Xlendi and Marsalform offer the possibility of a scenic boat trip by day and parties by night.

The island of Malta is more active and international. The capital city of Valletta, divided into 28 sub-cities, attracts all types of tourists. Those who are in love with medieval history, like myself, can enjoy sites where various knighthood orders forged history from the crusades until World War 2. The Fort of Saint Elmo is a must-see, with its various museums and the unique baroque cathedral of the knight of Saint John: a jewel well hidden in the fortified city of Valetta.

Malta views

On the other hand, if you are not a lover of history, Malta offers the best clubs and pubs of the Mediterranean Sea, from the famous Vacaville to the amazing district of Café del Mar. Or, if you are in the mood for a day trip, both locations offer incredibly unique experience, such as boat trips around the islands or a safari in the quad to discover secrets beaches or roads.I hope you enjoyed this little summary of my impressions of Malta. Until next time, dear readers!

Marco Pellegrini


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