What makes a luxury hotel?

22 Feb 2018 | by Les Roches


Luxury hospitality continues to be one of the world’s biggest and most lucrative industries. Whether it be unforgettable, personalized service, fine food and wine or a relaxing spa, luxury has become a key component of the hospitality industry. This is particular prevalent in hotels, with establishments across the globe offering more and more luxury experiences. But just what is luxury hospitality? And which luxury hotels have been rated the best? Our latest blog has the answers.

What does luxury mean?

Luxury hospitality has multiple meanings, depending on the client’s needs. Often, guests want the best in food, culture, activities and wellness. They come to a destination seeking the same experiences that wealthy locals have access to, providing guests with a real flavour of the local culture.

However, ‘luxury’ can be big or small. “It can be as simple as cleaning a guest’s glasses or replacing the empty chewing gum box in their car,” says Sébastien Chebaiki, Head of Guest Relations at Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris. “Luxury could be a service. It could be a view. It could be something you don’t expect. In short, it’s the ‘wow’ factor that goes beyond expectations, but this factor is specific to each individual guest.”

The rise of luxury hotels

Hotels are continuing to devote more and more time to luxury. Boutique hotels boast small but stylish rooms in an urban location, offering intimate, personalized service and a warm atmosphere. Staff at such hotels are taught to predict and meet the demands of clients in advance, as opposed to responding to them.

Global hotels are responding to luxury trends by offering more understated experiences. Leading organization Park Hyatt provide a residential environment that mirrors a guest’s home. “You walk into Park Hyatt and feel like you’re in your own apartment,” says Laura Amanzi, VP of Marketing at Park Hyatt Zurich. “You get to do all the things you would at home, but with all the 24-hour services you could ever need.”

This demand has seen the worlds of luxury brands and hospitality organizations collide. For example, leading companies Gucci and Armani have branched out into luxury hotels, bars and restaurants. By offering experiences that fit their brand, these companies have strengthened their relationships with customers.

Which luxury hotels are the best?

 According to a recent poll in Travel and Leisure Magazine, Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia offers the best luxury experience. It hit the number one spot thanks to its mix of adventure and luxury, its blend of breathtaking seas and traditional villages, and the friendly locals. In second place is The Brando, a luxury resort located in the French Polynesia. Completing the top three is Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming. Called ‘the true spirit of the West’, guests can enjoy the adventure of the American West in sophisticated style.

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