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Why do Les Roches MBA students have an elephant as a mascot?

20 Mar 2015 | by Jezebel Khoo Yin Xue


Jezebel , Hospitality MBA student shares her experience at the Pin Ceremony and explains the relevant of that gold and red elephant.

I bet many of you noticed the flags hung up in the main lobby recently and wondered why they were there.  (Answer: for the halLes Roches MBA hospitality management Switzerland buddy system ceremonyf yearly MBA PIN ceremony!)

Every semester, one of the most significant events for all MBA students is the Pin Ceremony! It is a day where MBA II students (the buddies) present Les Roches MBA Pin, which symbolize the graduate culture, to the new MBA I students.

In the buddy system, the MBA II student acts as a mentor to the MBA I student, providing guidance to all questions we have about the school 🙂 Pin Ceremony is more like a formality.

Even before the ceremony, we were already feeling so welcomed by the MBA II students because they were always here to help us! And this is the same help I would like to extend to the next batch of MBA I students next semester.

What’s the origin of the Pin Ceremony? Many would ask.

It was a tradition passed down seven years ago by Misty Dawn Hyman (MBA, 2008) from USA who wanted to create something memorable for the MBA students. I am glad that subsequent students kept the tradition going. This semester is also a special one as we welcome the first ever Master in Hospitality Leadership.

Les Roches MBA hospitality management Switzerland buddy system ceremony The Elephant from Professor Dr Diamantis is a symbolic animal and he has now a collection of more than 20 elephants. The idea of using elephant was first created by a guy from Thailand who wanted something to represent the “attitude” of the students.

While the MBA pin is a tangible symbolic item, the elephant represents strengths, loyalty, good memory and stability which symbolize the attitudes we hope to see in all of the students. Having personally attended the ceremony, I find it very meaningful and it makes me feel even more at home at Les Roches.

After the PIN Ceremony, we were treated to a banquet dinner at Market Place, it’s a time for us to get to know our buddy and also more about the other MBA students.

The next big part of the event is of course the Pin Party that everyone has been looking forward to. Here’s some of the pictures we took at the party in Crans Montana:

Les Roches MBA hospitality management Switzerland buddy system ceremony

I enjoyed myself and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the MBA II students for organizing the event! We will definitely keep the tradition going and make sure that the next batch of MBA students have as much fun as we did!

Jezebel Khoo Yin Xue


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