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What is an MBA Consultancy Project?

22 May 2018 | by Les Roches


An MBA Consultancy Project enables you to work closely with a leading hospitality organisation, building your contacts as well as your skills. But what does an MBA Consultancy Project involve? And what are the benefits? Les Roches MBA lecturer Bilal Hassan provides the answers.

What is a Consultancy Project?

An MBA Consultancy Project is a chance for you to investigate a particular area of interest in depth. This could be a challenge or issue a specific organisation is facing, or it could be an idea you create that contributes to the company’s future success. It’s an opportunity for you to think outside of the box, work alongside students from different international backgrounds and network with industry professionals.

You will begin by conducting strategic planning processes and organising your team. After that, you will begin conducting your research and requesting resources. Once the investigation is over, you will then submit a project report and a presentation of your conclusions.

What are the benefits?

 Conducting a Consultancy Project will have numerous benefits, all of which are highly sought after by employers. They include:

  • Critical thinking – While working on your project, you will develop your understanding of the real issues and challenges faced by the hospitality industry. You will learn to investigate such issues with a critical mindset.
  • Strategic approach – Strategy is a vital component of the Consultancy Project. Whether you are evaluating key performance measures, conducting market analysis or reviewing new developments, you will be devising innovative strategies that will help businesses.
  • Collaboration – You will work with other students on the project, strengthening your teamwork and collaboration skills. This will prove to be a vital skill when it comes to gaining employment.
  • Connections – The Consultancy Project is also a valuable networking opportunity – work hard, get good results and you could find yourself with some valuable contacts and work opportunities.
  • Confidence – The project empowers you to think of yourself as a consultant, providing solutions to a real-life organisation. Thus, your communication, creativity and confidence will vastly improve.

The MBA Consultancy Project at Les Roches

Les Roches MBA in Global Hospitality Management students work with leading international companies, including The New York Times and the World Economic Forum.

Studying at Les Roches gives you the chance to learn the latest skills, rub shoulders with some of hospitality’s finest companies and gain first-hand experience through immersive business trips to Chicago and Shanghai. If you are interested in boosting your career potential and learning managerial skills, our MBA in Global Hospitality Management has the tools you need to succeed, including a Consultancy Project.

Bilal Hassan is currently leading the Consultancy Project with MBA students at Les Roches Switzerland. He has worked on numerous advisory projects as an independent consultant and brings-in a wealth of industry experience along with a large network. Bilal negotiates new consultancy projects and integrates these within the academic curriculum each semester.

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