Mate of honor

14 Nov 2013 | by Elie


As we grow up, we tend to carry with us great relationships that we want to keep and that we work hard to maintain. Not only that. Every girl dreams about their wedding day and who their maids-of-honor will be.mate of honor

They are usually sisters, cousins or friends and of course, they are all female. The same is applicable for the groom: all his best friends will eventually be his best men.

But wait a second, what about those best friends who grew up with us and are of the opposite sex? Do you think that they can’t be standing next to the bride or groom the day they get married? This is so unfair!

Guess what? In Scotland they got over these archaic traditions and started to have a new ‘title’ at the ceremonies: Mate-of-Honor!

In simple English, a Mate-of-Honor is your best man or maid-of-honor … just the opposite sex.

Am I making sense?

So yes! For instance, if a bride has a best friend who is a gentleman, he can be standing next to the maids-of-honor, serving the bride on her special day. Don’t think too much! No, he won’t be wearing a dress like the rest of the girls. He will be wearing his usual suit just with a tie that matches the rest of the dresses: the same color actually.

The same is also applicable for the groom.

Isn’t it nice? One thing less to worry about 🙂
Now tell me, what do you think?



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