Market Place Kitchen

27 Mar 2012 | by Whitney


Market Place Service (2011)

Last semester when we were all in HOI, or Bsc P1 to be exact, we had Market Place Service for two weeks. We made it to work for 6 am each morning for a week, and for the second week we were the last to leave after dinner.

This semester we are doubly proud of ourselves as we have now completed Market Place Kitchen.

We considered this as a wild and wonderful place last year as none of us were allowed into the Kitchen. This year we tackled it head first and made the most of our time there. As it turns out, all the shiny machinery and large stoves are not as scary as we thought, and it is actually quite a lot of fun.

The time is divided into a lunch shift and a dinner shift. We had menu briefings and each of us was in charge of one element of the meal from salads to soups to large pieces of meat (dessert is taken care of by the pastry team). Each day we had to create a production plan to make sure that our timings and methods for preparing the food were correct.
We worked very hard at cooking and then cleaning. One day I scrubbed four different, very large pieces of cooking equipment, we were all responsible for the cleanliness of our stations.

I am happy to report that my class is still enjoying our good luck in not having too many cuts or burns. Wish us luck in our academic cycle!





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