Les Roches students make their mark on Switzerland’s first International Education Festival

16 May 2019 | by editor


EduFest, the International Festival of Education, is coming to Switzerland for the first time on Friday 24 May. And a group of Les Roches Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) students are doing their bit to make the event a big success.

EduFest Switzerland is being hosted by Le Rosey, the world-renowned private boarding school that was founded in 1880 and is known for its prestigious alumni registry. As with its established UK equivalent, the Swiss program is being put together by Summerhouse Media, one of the world’s top events management specialists.

And this is where the connection to Les Roches was made, as Lecturer Bilal Hassan, explains.

“Summerhouse, the exclusive international media sponsor of The New York Times in Education,  approached us for our knowledge and experience of Swiss education,” he says. “We recognized what a great learning opportunity this would be for our PGD students who are taking the elective specialization in event management.”

As a result, this group of students have been working alongside the event team, plus they will also be participating on the day itself – all of which will be assessed for their program grades.

As well as supporting the planning and organization of EduFest, the Les Roches students will manage two specific events on the day’s program: a special MasterChef-style competition, which promises to be a real highlight, together with a bespoke, highly interactive presentation on hospitality education.


From theory to practice – a unique learning opportunity

The PGD students have seized the opportunity with both hands. Student Amanda Margo says, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It is an honor to be partnering with Summerhouse Media, who have established an excellent reputation in the industry. This project has allowed me to put in practice some of the theories I have learned in class.

Shan Sharma adds, “This is a rare opportunity that I feel lucky to have come by. I see my classroom knowledge being transformed into practical perspective under an experienced eye. I am very excited to see the event unfold and to have my skills put to the test.”

Student Flavia Elsener is another member of the PGD group excited to be part of EduFest. She says, “This event covers the three topics – International Perspectives, Women in Education and Research & Innovation – which not only concern us today, but will also play a significant role in our futures.”

For Le Rosey, having the support of Les Roches has made a real difference. Bruce Reynier, Directeur Hotelier, says, “We are delighted to work with Les Roches on EduFest, which presents an opportunity for both sides to collaborate on a new type of event for Le Rosey. Working with Les Roches gives us the hospitality support to manage the festival efficiently, while also complementing the event’s principal aim, which is to celebrate education and the teaching profession.”

·     It’s not too late to book your tickets to EduFest.



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