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3 Mar 2016 | by Mikhail Merican


This month has been a revelation to most of us. As many might know, 2016.1 is the first semester with BBA2 (semester 2 bachelor) students spending their time on campus before completing their internship in BBA3, giving us a stronger skill set before we set out into the real hospitality world. In over 60 years of Les Roches history, we are the first class to do so – in other words, we are pioneers.

Starting a new semester and spending the first three weeks in kitchen has been an absolute pleasure. I feel right at home in the kitchen along with my amazing classmates. As much as I enjoy and have fun in the kitchen, I also feel privileged because I get to improve my skills and acquire more knowledge in the preparation of hot and cold starters, main courses, pastry and desserts.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland students

After working in our kitchen outlets under the guidance of our dedicated chefs at Les Roches – all of them with different characteristics, teaching styles and a sense of humour – I now understand why most Les Roches graduates say that there is something magical about the kitchen semester. In addition, we are working alongside our BBA3 brothers and sisters and after a bit of a struggle, we all managed to learn how to tie the neckerchief – another mystery of the universe solved!

After arriving in Bluche in January, the snowfall has been incredible and particularly heavy during February. This meant a lot more snowboarding on the slopes of beautiful Crans-Montana, where I am glad to have made good connections with new BBA1 students. Being a good senior, it was only fair to show them the Les Roches Way of Life and advising them on certain criteria of the practical lessons they will attend during this semester.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland students IMG_20160210_132246

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland students









On another note, I am truly proud to be part of the CDIP (Career Development & Industry Placement) taskforce this semester, with the aim of encouraging the Asian community here in Les Roches to seek out and take advantage of possibilities in Europe. I want to take this opportunity to thank the CDIP once again for this privilege.

Finally, I wish everyone who has been bitten by the flu bug and those who got injured skiing a speedy recovery and a lovely month ahead to all!

Mikhail Merican


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