How to make wine out of tea and raisins

15 May 2014 | by Pablo Andrés Calderon del Toro


Many things can be made into something else, such as barley becoming beer, grapes becoming wine or tea plants becoming beverages.

Today, I’d like to write about the process of making wine without “fresh” grapes, and how its flavor is so similar to real wine.

I found the recipe in an old cookery book (because I am addicted to them) and it seemed so interesting and easy to make, that I tried to do it.

My first efforts were horrible, but once I perfected the recipe with other ingredients, a new world of possibilities was opened up to me.

The ingredients you’ll need are:     wineraisins
•   1 liter of water
•   1 lemon
•    Tea (What type? Just experiment!)
•   3 tea spoons of sugar (and a bit more to be added as time passes)
•   150 gr. of raisins

The most important ingredients are raisins and lemon, as they give the consistency, the alcohol and the similar look to wine. You can make red or white wine, just look for the right type of raisins and from there, work your way on.

So. The process goes as follows:

1.  Make a lot of tea, I usually make around 20 liters, and later you will see why.
2. Cut all the raisins in half and pour over them the juice of one or two lemons, depending on the amount of raisins.
3. Let the tea cool down and then pour in the raisins with the lemon juice, mix with a wooden spoon and add sugar (this will add sweetness so don`t go crazy).
4. Then you cover the receptacle and keep it in a dark and fresh place for up to one month.
5. After the first month, you will need to filter everything really well, put it in another container and let it rest for another month.
6. After the second month you can taste it, (because if you taste it the first month it will taste really bad, you need to let it mix slowly before the liquid can be drinkable), and if you like it, you can add flavoring or bottle it.

It is a very easy to do thing, and the results will be spectacular.

It opens a new world of possibilities, and not only with wine, beer is another option and very easy thing to do.

So start experimenting, believe in the possibilities of alternative and natural inventions that have been long forgotten. Now is the time to reinvigorate them.

‘Be in peace.’

Pablo Andres Calderon Del Toro



Pablo Andrés Calderon del Toro


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