Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student life

Living in a mountain village is not as boring as you might think

24 Nov 2014 | by Mariana Heath


A bit worried that life up a Swiss mountain is dull?  Mariana will put your mind to rest – there are a hundred and one things to keep you entertained.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student life If someone told me there is a small village in the middle of the Swiss Alps that is filled with the most magical adventures and crazy experiences, I wouldn’t believe them.

In fact, I didn’t – I had to come and experience it myself to unravel the true colours of this fantastic place.

What I found, exceeded any and all of my expectations – a paradigm of nature’s most beautiful elements and a mix of fun activities in a multicultural environment.

Bluche provides students and travellers an endless amount of entertaining activities.

Here, we partake on a lot of outdoor activities, including team sports, namely rugby, basketball, football and so on, but we mostly enjoy hiking to remote areas and enduring the breathtaking views accompanied with food and wine.

In addition, we have developed some alternative student activities such as beer club, ping-pong tournaments, Les Roches Wine club and themed parties created by our enthusiastic Student Social Committee. Here, students can wind down from a strenuous week and release the party animals within them.

Although one could argue that Bluche is small, living here makes it feel so big, due to the high number of students roaming around. There is no time to spare; we have educational duties during the day, but once these are completed we unite over a relaxing beverage, chat, play games, dine, party or catch up with the latest chat on campus with our friends. All the magical features of Bluche come to life when you’re surrounded by your new family away from home.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management student life

Mariana Heath


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