Dominican Republic

Life in the Dominican Republic

15 Mar 2018 | by Christina


Les Roches alumna Christina Seow has lived in many luxurious locations. Most recently, she found herself moving to the Dominican Republic after her husband – and fellow Les Roches alumni – secured a new job. She tells us all about her experiences living on the gorgeous Caribbean island.

Life on an island

When my husband accepted a job in the Dominican Republic, known for its beaches and resorts, many of my friends were envious. They believed I’d be on a permanent holiday, with blue sea, sandy beaches and sunny weather.

The panorama of the area was indeed spectacular. We were based in Punta Cana, which is dominated by resorts. Should anyone want a beachfront property, without the outrageous price tag and lots of neighbours, this island would be the best place to invest! As a tourist, it would be heaven, an all-inclusive resort with warm weather and delicious food.

However, as a resident, there was a lack of community life. Residential areas were very spread out. Additionally, apartments were mainly empty, except during the North American summer holidays and the ones occupied by hotel staff. In Punta Cana, we did not see many people in the shops, except during Christmas Eve, where everyone tried to complete their festive purchases.

A tropical paradise

Punta Cana is absolutely amazing if you love hanging out at the beach – the sea is a clear blue and the beach is far and wide. It’s also a great place to explore nature and hiking. For example, we visited Montana Redonda to take in the 360° view of Miches. It was so refreshing to not see any skyscrapers – just trees, sporadic villages and an uninterrupted view of the sea. We also found out that there was a beautiful tree house village, whose video recently went viral on Facebook.

Every August to November is hurricane season in the region – while Dominican Republic is blessed to not be the epicentre of most hurricanes, it does not leave unscathed. In recent years, they have lost plenty of their natural beauty. For example, the strong waves have damaged seaweed walls and corals, resulting in less crystal-clear beach fronts.

Living in Dominican Republic, even for a few months, has a been a wonderful experience. If you are young and single, want to learn a new language, and are looking for an interesting place to be, Dominican Republic is a beautiful island to work.



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