Life after college

21 Aug 2012 | by Zaffar


Post-graduation syndrome: “What am I going to do with my life?” “When will I see my friends again?” “What about my freedom?”

These questions are what bring me back to blog-writing today. Let me take you back a few years ago, when I was eagerly counting hours till my high school graduation, thinking, “when will my life begin?” Then, college seemed like my first baby steps to starting my own life, dispatched from the comfort and protection of my parents. However, I was completely unaware, and maybe even taking for granted, how smoothly and fortunately, 4 years of my life were already planned out for me.

Then came graduation, with a managerial position in Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket, close to home, but not quite. I was a proud graduate of Les Roches, and made sure to make good use of the knowledge I gained throughout the past four years. After a long, hard week of running a restaurant, I would usually look forward to the weekend. As soon as Friday came, I would think, “this time, I’m going to take a break. Go to the beach, and treat myself with some beachside som-tam.” Unfortunately, my short, fun weekends always transformed into long, hard weekends of work and stress. There were also sunny sides to work in the hotel industry such as planning TGIF parties, where one could also have a little fun, wedding parties, and themed night dinners and so on.

It’s been a year now and here is a list of things I have liked a lot:

  • The commute to work being easy and free; it’s like you are already there, “just get up, shower, get dressed and go”.
  • Excellent food, because you get to eat what the guests eat. All prepared by a certified chef – as restaurant manager we have the benefit to eat in the restaurants with the other managers.
  • Meeting new people, most guests stay at a resort for about a week, and all are in a good mood because they are on vacation. So, if you like them, great – and if you don’t? Never mind, they’re leaving soon anyways.
  • Compliments, and letters of praise from guests, are frequent and well appreciated.
  • Entertainment Nights where employees are encouraged to socialize with guests.

Here is a list of things I haven’t liked a lot:

  • Usually long hours and one day off of work per week; sometimes none.
  • Missing home/home sickness: resorts are usually far away at exotic places.
(Picture from Left to Right) Niran Singkala – Food & Beverage Manager, Zaffar Noor – Restaurant Manager, Manish Pratap – Director of Revenue Management
Casuarina Beach Restaurant & Pub during Sunsets


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