Les Roches hotel management school wine label

Let the wine adventure begin!

26 Dec 2013 | by Les Roches


At Les Roches, the faculty has a knack for combining serious practical and theoretical knowledge-building with fun; no more so is this exemplified than with the new Les Roches wine label.

Les Roches hotel management school wine label
Students from Les Roches learn how to harvest grapes for their new wine label

“Les Roches Wine” initiative was established by Ms. Sylvie Fornage, a service instructor for the school’s fine-dining restaurant with past work experience in the luxury hotel restaurants. She established contact with a wine maker from the Caves St-Michel in Corin, just 50 minutes away from the school.

In October, first-semester students, as well as students who recently launched the Les Roches Wine Club, went to harvest grapes and learn first-hand how grape selection and harvesting takes place.  They learnt as well about how the grapes they picked are processed and crafted into the drink they are all so passionate about.

Those grapes are now fermenting, and the students will have to wait until March or April to taste the fruit of their labour. This will take the form of two wines: a red and a white. The white Johannisberg will be made with a Sylvaner grape, and the red Gamelys blend will be comprised of Gamay, Gameret and Diolinoir.

But in the meantime, third-year students who take the marketing specialization of the BBA will be learning about the commercialization process of wine.  And in January, they can also enter a competition to choose the wine name and label design, as well as a marketing scheme.


In their last year of studies, Les Roches students can choose a new specialization subject: Sustainable Innovation.  It’s an opportunity to learn about sustainable resources management within the hospitality industry.  Of course, it’s an issue that Les Roches, as an institution, also takes seriously.

The wine-creation project is one small way it makes a difference.  It is an initiative that supports local producers and small-scale business, and the carbon footprint is minimal due to the proximity of the caves to the school. It is also a way in which the university can build bridges and create links with the community that surrounds the campus. In short, it is part of the spirit of Les Roches, the Les Roches way of life.


Though it would be nice to imagine the Les Roches wine on the shelves of your local supermarket, unfortunately it won’t be on sale outside of the school just yet.

If you are interested in tasting it, you’ll just have to come and visit us.

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