Les Roches Wine Club – a professional club run by students for students

27 Jan 2015 | by Arkadiya


An A-Z guide to Les Roches Wine Club, a club started by students and run for the benefit of students. 

What is so great about Les Roches? In my opinion, it is the endless amount of opportunities – both those you find and those you create! Les Roches Wine Club is a great example of such created opportunity! Founded and managed by Les Roches students for already more than a year, Les Roches Wine Club was a very nice ‘escape’ evening for me every week this semester.

What is Les Roches Wine Club all about?

It’s about answering these questions and more:

  • How do I taste wine correctly?
  • What do the wine labels mean?
  • What can you tell just from looking at a wine bottle shape?
  • Do corks matter?
  • Does “expensive” always mean “good quality” in wines?
  • How to do a proper wine pairing?

All of the above questions plus many more were answered during the past semesters and many are still to be covered, so I really cannot wait to have our weekly meetings next semester.

What is so attractive about the Wine Club?

Les Roches International School Hotel Management bachelor degree hospitality students wine club
Les Roches Wine Club meets regularly throughout the year. Look out for our posters on campus!
  • Chance to enhance your CV with professional certification opportunities
  • Flexible learning approach, informal atmosphere
  • Discussions, competitions and tastings (over 30 different wines during the last semester)
  • Certified professionals share their knowledge (Current presenter – Adrien Catté, BBA student, Certified Level 2 Sommelier by The Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS) and Certified Bar Tender from San Francisco Bartending Academy)
  • Wine discovery trips!

Les Roches Wine Club is about sharing a passion for intelligent wine appreciation! This is exactly why it attracted me in the first place.

What Wine Club events and workshops took place in the past semesters?

Les Roches International School Hotel Management bachelor degree hospitality students wine club
The Club runs competitions and its members also compete in local wine tasting competitions.
  • Whiskey workshop
  • Medoc workshop
  • Rhone Valley workshop
  • Brunello di Montalcino workshop
  • Sake workshop
  • WSET Level 1 and 2 certifications
  • Grape harvest
  • Wine cellar visit… etc.

And many more to come, so stay tuned!

The greatest thing about the Wine Club, in my point of view, is that every one of us students can bring our ideas, share opinions and raise issues for discussion.

Anyways, to conclude this brief article I would like to say that I am very grateful to those students who had the courage to found the Wine Club and to those students who from semester to semester find the time and enthusiasm to maintain it!

I hope Les Roches will have more and more such students’ organized professional clubs as this is an awesome and painless way to learn and enjoy what one is doing!

If you are interested to find out more about Les Roches Wine Club please do not hesitate to contact our presenter Adrien Catté at adrien.catte@lesroches.ch or me at arkadiya.tertychnaya@lesroches.ch



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