Welcome to Les Roches (Week 1)

25 Jan 2011 | by Whitney


Welcome to Les Roches !!

The weeks leading up to my departure were hectic, filled with shop after shop and so much organizing. But finally the day came for me to leave. After travelling for what seemed like forever, I arrived in Geneva in one piece and then the adventure began. Just collecting my two suitcases (which against all advice were too big) was comic; my driving skills were put to the test with the baggage trolley. Thankfully my aunt was there to pick me up and take me up the mountain to Bluche.

The Les Roches lobby was filled with activity and about 10 different languages being spoken at once. We all had our check- in process to complete which included student cards, room assignments, uniforms, the IT department and a visit to accounting. That evening we all had a chance to meet each other at the welcome drinks in the Café du Village. I think we were all somewhat overwhelmed and no one could remember anyone’s name, hence we are looking forward to getting our name tags.

Week 1- Orientation Programme

Making new friends

Our first week has gone by like a blur. Each day there has been one or two briefings or lectures about the different facets of the school. On the first day we had to do an English placement test and then a short foreign language placement test. We were also greeted by Mr. Taylor the Campus Director and the rest of the management team. The Career Development and Internship Placement Office gave us a presentation on our internship semester, how to go about getting a placement and what is expected of us to fulfill the required two credits for this section of our course.

We also had to do our first service duties which were a little nerve wracking as it was the first time most of us had done service and we were given a little taste as to what to look forward to in the coming months.  One of the most important things was Mr. Rachny’s briefing on our schedules; we learned what classes we were in and whether we would start with two weeks practical or two weeks academic studies. My first stint will be in the Stewarding section with Mr. Macarrao wearing a red, all in one jumpsuit familiarly known as the Ferrari suits.

By now most of us have been up to Crans-Montana which at the moment is quite busy with the ski season. The Funi train (which makes me a tiny bit nervous) is brilliant as it takes less than ten minutes to get to Crans- Montana and just over  10 to get down to Sierre.

Travis and the Funi

I am very much looking forward to starting lessons and getting down to business.

Next week: more about the region and the first week of lessons.



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