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“My internship experience with a luxury watchmaker”: Swana Su

25 Mar 2018 | by Les Roches


Swana Su made the most of Les Roches’ industry connections by securing a prestigious internship at Hublot. While working at the luxury watchmakers, Swana applied the skills she’d learned in class to the workplace, as well as working out what career path she wants to follow after graduation.

How did you find the experience of securing an internship?

The experience itself was not easy, but not too difficult, either. I did not rush during the process and applied for two companies that I was interested in. Answers came along, and I told them that I would give them my final decision before the semester ended. That’s when I was recommended an amazing internship opportunity at Hublot.

Did studying at Les Roches help you succeed during your internship? How will your internship help your subsequent studies?

When I was reading the job description, I was very sceptical about what was awaiting me. However, once I started, I found out that I had lots of other skills I had absorbed from my studies. This internship has reinforced my knowledge in portfolio activations, sales, trade marketing, logistics, team management and budgeting, which are great assets for not only my last semester, but also my future start-up.

What were the benefits of the industry experience you gained from your internship?

Gaining industry insight was just what I needed to find out what I want and what I don’t want in life. You feel secure making mistakes in such a big company, and making mistakes is important towards your path to success. You feel secure having a constant income, holidays and supportive colleagues, who made me feel at home. However, I lost that risky and exciting feeling, and I realized a nine-to-five job is just not for me. I feel the need to constantly develop something, to meet new people and receive critical feedback… I am not afraid of failing if I open my own business after graduation, I think you learn by doing, and some risks need to be taken now rather than later.

You feel secure making mistakes in such a big company, and making mistakes is important towards your path to success.

What advice would you give to students to help them secure a successful placement?

Take the challenge and don’t be afraid. Critically reflect on yourself and question if the choice you are making is something you are passionate about or just a choice to not fail your internship. I guess the most important thing to help you secure a successful placement is just self-development and self-positioning, knowing how to sell yourself is not facile, but that’s what you are going to learn at Les Roches. You are going to become more open-minded, international, confident, humble, skilful and knowledgeable. Take the opportunity during your study to make the best out of yourself, have a goal (both for short and long-term) and never lose faith.

How did the connections Les Roches has as a school support you in securing an internship?

Les Roches has amazing connections, and if you know what you want, they will support and give you access to the data needed. The CDIP recommended me to my manager at Hublot, so without them I wouldn’t have heard about such a great opportunity.


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