Les Roches Love Stories: A Romance Born in the Swiss Alps

16 Feb 2017 | by Les Roches


Alumni Rene Golda Ghosn (2014) and George Siag (2014) started dating at Les Roches Switzerland, went on internship together around the world, and are about to married on the French Riviera. Here, they share the sweet story of their romance:

Finding Love at Les Roches

“It goes without saying that Les Roches is the best place to get an education, but for us, college was more than just going to class and studying. It was also a life-altering experience. Even though we have known each other from a young age, we fell in love on the campus of Les Roches. People say the friends you meet at college last a lifetime. In those four years we became colleagues, classmates and– most of all — best friends.

Our relationship blossomed in the Swiss Alps. This is where we became inseparable. Those who say all is fair in love and war obviously don’t know the difficulty of getting the same internship as your partner. Faith gave us not one but three internships together. Before we even graduated, we had already traveled the world!

Just a few short years after graduation, we now live in San Francisco, where we work at one of the most prestigious restaurants. Our favorite part about attending Les Roches was that it allowed us to make friends from all cultures.

We are very excited to celebrate our wedding soon on the French Riviera with all our friends from across the world. It will be a great reunion for everyone!”


Les Roches


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