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Les Roches Green Club – moving the campus since 2014

1 Oct 2014 | by Guest Author


Whilst Les RLes Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland Green Cluboches already offers a specialization in sustainability and innovation, on the bachelor of hospitality program, as well as taking environmentally-friendly actions such as local food sourcing, its green credentials have improved, thanks to the new Les Roches Green Club.

Companies and societies set new trends; in the word of one of my teachers, Dr Marshall: “Sustainability is the most important trend in your life time.

I took it as my personal responsibility to join the brand new Green Club that was launched in January 2014.

Les Roches International School of Hotel Management Switzerland Green Club President
Kenzo Modugno, Green Club President

It was a difficult start for all of us, as we are having to build something from scratch, to change a culture almost, and involve students, teachers and management in the process in order to guarantee success.

I have been an active member of the club since its launch, attending every meeting and taking part in different projects. It was a natural progression for me to become President of the Green Club.

As President, it is my responsibility to bring new members to the club, people who are motivated and want to help us to make the school a better and greener place.

I have a lot of responsibilities – I need to organize events, plan meetings and am in contact with the school management. It is a huge opportunity for me to improve my managerial, social and environmental knowledge.

Our biggest mission though, is to increase the students’ awareness of the environmental challenges that our world is facing right now.

Since the start of the Green Club, we have made several changes at the school:

•    Garbage separation in all the Food and Beverage outlets
•    Oil separation
•    Garbage separation system for the whole school and accommodations for recycling
•    Changing to more ecofriendly chemicals in the Stewarding Department
•    Reducing plastic usage in our different outlets
•    Increasing the number of garbage bins outside the school in association with the local commune
•    Different advertisement campaigns including videos

Our most recent projects (since September 2014) are:

•    A Food Waste Competition that will increase the students’ commitment to waste less food, as we aim to become a zero-food-waste school
•    Collection of used school utensils that will be sent to America for recycling. The money that we raise from this will be sent to the World Wildlife Fund

We are moving the campus though I know these are small measures and we still have a lot of work to do in order to make Les Roches completely “green”.

We will also start looking into longer-term changes that can be done at the school.

As president, I am proud of all the achievements that we have made this year so far, and I believe that the green club will continue in the same spirit in the future, thanks to the base and the principles that we have set.

Embrace the Green Revolution!

Kenzo Modugno
President of the Green Club Les Roches

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