Les Roches’ Got Talent!

30 Mar 2012 | by Whitney


Last week Friday we had one of the many fantastic Les Roches Events that will take place this semester. The Bsc S.5 and 6 classes and Student Social Committee put on the first ever Les Roches’ Got Talent. The event was held to raise funds for the charity porteBonheur in aid of Swiss Orphans. www.portebonheur.ch/

The organisers did a wonderful job of transforming the school lobby. There were lounge seats and tables for guests, a judge’s panel and of course a large stage set with lighting and ready for the performers.

Just like the popular talent shows we had a trusty panel of 5 judges who gave the performers feed back some of which was very complimentary and while others were not so lucky.

Of the 15 performers we had comedic acts, dances, singers, a rapper, and a band.

The event went off flawlessly with refreshments and snacks available throughout the evening. In the end the judges chose a winner.

Dorothea, an HOI, sang a beautiful version of Adele’s “Someone like you” accompanied by acoustic guitar. Her performance had both the judges and the audience singing along. She was given the honour of best talent of the evening.

All Photo Credits go to Lan Le Diem Tran (BBA)



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