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What makes Les Roches a global experience?

16 Jul 2018 | by Les Roches


Les Roches students are global citizens. They love to discover new places and engage with different cultures. With three campuses in three of the world’s most popular locations – Switzerland, China and Spain – our students get to enjoy a multicultural atmosphere and gain a global perspective.

A global study experience

“Hi, my name is Lara. I’m half -Spanish and half-Lebanese. I started my studies at Les Roches’ Spanish campus in Marbella. I spent my first two years there and then, after my second internship, decided to transfer to Les Roches Switzerland. I’m someone who’s very open – I love travelling, meeting new people and learning new languages. Studying at both campuses has given me the chance to do all three.

“A positive outcome of studying at both campuses is that it will help secure a job. If an employer sees that you have studied in different countries and campuses, they know you are able to adapt to different situations and aren’t afraid to take risks. This is something they really take into consideration, so I recommend studying at different campuses.”

“I think the BBA is a great program because we get exposed to different cultures, which enables us to acquire a lot of knowledge for our future careers.

Worldwide internship opportunities

“Hello, I’m Marvin Mehta and I’m from New Delhi in India. I’m studying the Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management at Les Roches Marbella.  I’ve been fortunate enough to study alongside 60 nationalities here. I’ve built up my industry contacts, including Apple, ING Group and Kempinski Hotels. I’m excited to start my first hospitality job with Hilton Hotels and Resorts in the United States of America.”

Global programs for a global degree

“Hello, my name is Ana Luiza Rama. I’m half-Brazilian half-Spanish. I’m studying the BBA in Global Hospitality Management at Les Roches Switzerland. I chose this program because we get the opportunity to study at the school’s three campuses. At the moment, I’m studying with 15 students representing 14 different nationalities. Next semester, we will be going to China. We’re all very excited to learn more about Chinese culture and learn a little bit of Mandarin.

“I think the BBA is a great program because we get exposed to different cultures, which enables us to acquire a lot of knowledge for our future careers. Recruiters nowadays are looking for employees with a very international background, so studying at three different campuses will give us a big advantage.”

Shanghai – one of the world’s fastest-growing economies

“Hi, I’m Sandra. I’m from Macau and I’m based at Les Roches Jing Jiang in Shanghai, China. Shanghai is the most populous and international city in China. Shanghai is home to many luxury hotels, as well as international and national events. The hospitality industry here is experiencing unprecedented expansion and development, offering career opportunities and advancement. Moreover, the experience of studying and living in Shanghai gives one a competitive advantage among peers.”

When you study at Les Roches, you learn in a global community made up of over 100 nationalities. With campuses across the globe, a Les Roches degree is a great way to build your contacts, your international experience and your future.

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