Les Roches Gives Back: A Successful Semester of Student Charity Fundraising

18 Jul 2017 | by Les Roches


The first half of 2017 was another busy semester for student charity club Les Roches Gives Back! Through hard work, the generosity of donors and sponsors, and student collaboration, LRGB raised more than CHF 3,600. A special shout-out goes to recent Les Roches alumnus Anmol Mehta for his generous donation and support.

Fundraising for Worthy Causes

In keeping with the club’s strategy, 40% of these funds have gone towards emergency aid and 60% towards supporting education. This semester, more than CHF 1,400 were donated to Swiss Solidarity’s Famine in Africa fundraising campaign. This campaign is dedicated to helping the 13 million people in South Sudan, Somalia and Nigeria who are facing famine during the worst drought in 60 years.

The other 60% of this semester’s fundraising have partly gone to the Jan & Oscar Foundation. This non-profit organization supports important projects for children in Thailand, including the building of schools, canteens and dormitories. Meanwhile, the remaining funds raised this semester will support LRGB’s long-term goal to sponsor underprivileged students in hospitality school.

A Time of Giving (and Fun!)

At Les Roches, our Charity Week in March not only raised donations and awareness — it was also a lot of fun! For one week, LRGB organized daily fundraising activities, giving students plenty of ways to get involved. These initiatives included sales of bubble tea and sangria, a bake sale, and sales of Jan & Oscar bracelets. Meanwhile, there were also plenty of lively activities, like a work-out challenge, karaoke night and zoo-themed Mufti day. The week closed with a fantastic après-ski party and panoramic views at the Cry d’Er Club d’Altitude.

With so many activities on offer, there was a great turnout during Charity Week. But Les Roches students have also been lending their support in other ways. In April and May, LRGB organized a collection of backpacks and shoes for Chance for Children. This NGO works to empower children who live on the street in Accra, Ghana. With many Les Roches students participating, the shoes and backpack drive was a great success, and Chance for Children will soon be distributing this much-needed equipment to kids in Ghana.

On behalf of Les Roches Gives Back, a huge thank you to the Les Roches community for your continued support. Stay tuned for more ways to get involved next semester!

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