Les Roches’ Follow-Me Program takes prospective students into the heart of hospitality.

18 Mar 2013 | by Les Roches


 The second Follow-Me day gave visitors a chance to dive into the heart of hospitality studies with a Bar & Beverage and Tourism course.

Last Monday, March 11th, Les Roches hosted its second Follow-Me Program with several prospective students visiting from Italy and one visitor of Indonesian-Brazilian nationality who is studying in an American boarding school in Lausanne. During the day, the guests followed student ambassadors though their typical daily courses and activities.

Attending Hospitality Classes

Attending Hospitality Classes

For the visitors to experience what it’s like to be a student at Les Roches, they were invited to attend several courses from the BBA in International Hotel Management program.

In the class “People, Conflict and Negotiation”, students were working on a case study and the teacher gave the visitors a copy to read it. Each visitor was assigned a group and they saw how students work in groups and apply theory to real life situations.

“Bar & beverage” was a class that the visitors really enjoyed. They found it very interactive as the class was having a review of champagne production for the exam next week, so it was easy to follow and learn something new.

Additionally, the visitors participated in two advanced classes from the Semester 7 curriculum: “Tourism Studies” and “Revenue and Pricing Management”.
Having Lunch with Students

Having Lunch with Students

The visitors had lunch with two student ambassadors in the Marketplace restaurant which is served and managed by teams of Les Roches students from first semester in the dining room, and third semester in the kitchen. They took the opportunity to ask our student ambassadors about some of the finer details of life at Les Roches such as class schedules, when is the best intake to start (summer or winter), what kind of internships you can find, etc.
Touring the Campus

After the classes and lunch, the prospective students went on the campus tour, some of their parents joined it as well. They were able to see all of the school’s practical learning facilities including the demonstration kitchen, “à la carte restaurant”, mock hotel room and reception. They visited the library, and the accommodation buildings to see how students live.

Overall, the visitors loved the facilities and the student ambassadors were proud to represent Les Roches throughout the day. This interactive experience of Les Roches gave the visitors an “up-close and personal” look at the school and they even blended into the students in their business-casual attire.

There are only two Follow-Me days left in this semester, Monday, March 18th and 25th. For more information about these exceptional programs, visit the Follow-Me page.

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