Les Roches’ Follow-Me Program gives an international appeal to hospitality studies.

25 Mar 2013 | by Les Roches


 Follow me 18 mar 8

For the third follow me program, Les Roches hosted prospective students from Romania and Finland.

The day began with an introduction with some of our student ambassadors, Giorgia from Italy and Veela from Taiwan. Our visiting prospective students from Romania and Finland then followed Giorgia and Veela to the first class of the day which was ‘Theatre Studies and Drama’, an elective class of general education. The class was preparing for their trip next week to the Opera in Lausanne and the teacher presented the write-up analysis which the students need to complete after their visit giving an interesting insight into how they compare and contrast against other plays and operas and make sure their comments are backed up with evidence.

After the end of the first class they met with Kevin and Sonia, Les Roches student ambassadors, to go for lunch in the Market Place. The students had plenty of opportunity to share experiences with the student ambassadors and ask any questions that they desired.

Bar and Beverage Class

The prospective students then attended the ‘Bar and Beverage’ class in the Shelter bar on campus. In this interesting class,  the students focused on the origins of different beverages and why it is important that hotels and event companies serve the best products in order to give the best impression to their guests. The teacher asked students in the class to talk about the local products and beverages that are served in their home countries such as Dubai, Italy and Mexico, bringing an element of internationalism to the class.

Company Visit: Swissôtel

Follow me 18 mar 5

Following this class, the students attended the Swissôtel company presentation along with Kevin, Sonia and

Manuel. This was a great opportunity to see that companies are routinely present on campus, and how companies like Swissôtel are searching for talent only from specific hotel schools to be the future leaders for their companies. The presentation focused on the many new hotels that Swissôtel have recently opened and their future developments, the Swissôtel brand concept and the different corporate programs that they have for their employees. It was great to see the number of international opportunities available and how exciting a career with them could be.
Culinary Arts Class

Follow me 18 mar 6

Our last class of the day was a semester 3 class in ‘Plate Presentation’. This class was attended by students who are currently working in the kitchens as part of their practical studies. The class provided additional information on the importance of plate presentation and balance when serving food and the different elements that any chef should take into consideration when preparing a dish.

Finally, the day was concluded with a campus tour, where we were joined by relatives of the prospective students to see all the facilities on campus. There was a little bit of snow, but it didn’t manage to get in the way of the tour!

Les Roches


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