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26 Sep 2013 | by student services


In 2011, Les Roches selected its very first batch of Student Ambassadors. The program has since been going from strength to strength. This semester, the program had over 80 applications representing 43 different nationalities.

What is a Student Ambassador?

The role of a student ambassador is to represent Les Roches to the outside world in activities including media interviews (TV & magazines), meet & greets with VIP guests, network with journalists & industry relations, be involved in Marketing & PR events and material – and that’s just in a nutshell!

For those who love to share their experience but would rather stay behind their laptop’s screen, Les Roches also offers a variety of e-Ambassador roles, such as bloggers, online community managers, photographers or video producers, with the support and training of the Digital Marketing team.

How are they selected?

Each candidature is considered on a case by case basis for the student’s experience, communication skills, languages, motivations, and their USP (a marketing term you should all know by now – Unique Selling Point). The most important point is their love of Les Roches and their desire to represent the school to the outside world.

Who are our Student Ambassadors?

This semester, it was harder than ever for the Marketing & PR team to make a final selection as the quality of candidates was so high. The students selected can really be considered as “Les Roches’ finest”. J These 20 students (11 girls & 9 boys) represent 20 different countries and cultures. We are happy to present you the Les Roches Ambassadors 2013/2:


Les Roches Ambassador for life!

Since its launch 80 different students have participated in the ambassador program. However, being a Les Roches Ambassador doesn’t stop at representing the school during one semester. Ask any student and they will tell you that Les Roches experience lasts a life time.  When a student moves on from their studies the motto “it’s not just a school, it’s a way of life” has never been so poignant. The Les Roches Student Ambassadors become simply a Les Roches Ambassador and part of the family representing the best of Les Roches for the rest of their professional lifetime.

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