How Les Roches faculty bring their industry experience to the classroom

18 Nov 2014 | by Guest Author


Faculty at Les Roches bring to their teaching a wealth of experience from the industry.  It helps – and not just in lending credibility, as Frank Gueuning, Postgraduate Diploma Program Manager explains.

In practical terms, when I update a syllabus or course content, I look at the topic and try to recall an experience that would support or illustrate the concept being studied. By contextualising what is being studied, the students can relate to the topic, thereby facilitating their understanding of that topic.

After having enjoyed a variety of positions, including 15 years as General Manager and over 25 years in hotels of different standards, sizes and global locations, I can draw on many experiences not only to update, but also to enhance course delivery.

I believe that these personal experiences create a classroom environment where anecdotal evidence and sometimes humour, maintain interest whilst enhancing understanding.

It works because theories are perceived as being abstract, born out of some obscure logic, presenting an elusive ideal scenario that is seldom accommodating of product or service differences, cultural diversity or inherent geographical constraints.

In particular with a subject like accounting, such added value serves to energise the students’ understanding of the subject, thus giving them the opportunity to listen, participate and learn as well as share personal experiences they gain during their internships.

Frank Gueuning
Postgraduate Diploma Program Manager

Guest Author


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