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My experience at Les Roches: Nikhil Roy

11 Jul 2018 | by Les Roches


Originally from India, Nikhil Roy was initially overwhelmed by the different cultures and values of Switzerland. However, he soon settled and soaked up the amazing scenery and activities Switzerland has to offer, as well as the industry connections his Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management gave him. Nikhil spoke to us about his Les Roches experience.

What do you like about Les Roches?

I think Les Roches has some of the best faculty that I have ever encountered. Some of the best industry leaders have visited, from leading CEOs to those on the prestigious Fortune 500 list. We’ve also had talks from amazing winemakers and world-leading chefs. I see myself as a hotelier in the future and Les Roches is giving me the powers and abilities to think outside the box.

In my class, we have 28 people representing 40 different nationalities… It’s a truly global life with an international community.

What’s good about studying in Switzerland?

A lot of trips have been organised. From the very first semester, I remember there being a carnival in Sion, which gave us the chance to mingle with the locals and immerse ourselves in the culture. I’ve had the chance to see the beautiful ski slopes. Les Roches have also organised a lot of events, like swimming and football. There are so many things to choose from here.

Do you feel Les Roches is a global community?

In my class, we have 28 people representing 40 different nationalities. We have people from Asia, Brazil, Canada and more. It’s a truly global life with an international community.

Are you pleased you chose to study at Les Roches?

My two younger brothers asked me this and, honestly, if I had the chance to choose Les Roches all over again, I would. I have gained an incredible set of friends and have enjoyed an eye-opening experience. Travelling to Switzerland from India and seeing different cultures, backgrounds and values was a culture shock at first, but I’ve learned a lot. I feel a lot of pride to be graduating and I know the decisions I make in the future will have been shaped from my time here. The school has nurtured me since day one.

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