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Les Roches Chicago Students Travel to Silicon Valley: A unique opportunity to experience the cradle of entrepreneurship and innovation

4 Aug 2016 | by Les Roches


Silicon Valley: It’s a name that’s almost universally associated with the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM and Yahoo. With stories of garage startups that bloomed into tech giants. With innovation and entrepreneurship. But what is Silicon Valley?

For starters, Silicon Valley isn’t the name of a valley, but a nickname for a geographical area in California that covers the Santa Clara Valley, parts of the San Francisco Peninsula and of the East Bay, and portions of several counties. The Valley takes its name from the large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers in the region. In addition, Silicon Valley…

  • Is home to thousands of startup companies
  • Accounts for one-third of all venture capital investment in the US
  • Has itself become a tourist destination — the San Jose Mercury News reports that 300 to 500 people visit Google’s campus daily just for fun, while the former garages of entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs (Apple) and David Packard (HP) have also become popular attractions.

This October, Les Roches Chicago students will take off for an inspiring trip to Silicon Valley as part of their BBA program. Participants will be more than just tourists though — through exclusive visits to some of the leading tech companies in the industry, students will go behind the scenes and gain valuable insight into innovation and entrepreneurship in action.

The Silicon Valley trip packs an exciting program into just a few days. By day, students will visit game-changing American companies and meet with industry leaders; by night, participants will get a chance to explore San Francisco.

Accompanied by Les Roches staff, students will spend mornings and afternoons meeting innovative high-tech companies, including social media giants and startups that have revolutionized the hospitality industry. These encounters will give students the chance to see the startup culture of Silicon Valley from the inside and to interact with industry leaders.

Students will also have some free time in the evenings to discover the iconic city of San Francisco. With plenty of historic landmarks, culture and gastronomy in this lively city, the only hard part will be deciding what to do in the “City by the Bay.”


At Les Roches Chicago, first-hand experience of the entrepreneurial mindset is built into the curriculum. We look forward to welcoming our first-batch Les Roches Chicago students to this wonderful journey!

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